"Zoe" - The Office Dog

Zoe n Kevin

Zoe and Kevin Huitt

Zoe, office dog

the Office Dog

Kevin and Susan adopted Zoe from Burke County Friends for Animals on Thanksgiving weekend 2009. At just 9.5 pounds, Zoe has made a big impact on all of us at Huitt Mills.  Our little rescued "Schnoodle" is always ready to jump onto someone's lap.  Zoe makes friends really fast.

Please call first to see if Zoe is working.  She keeps a very active schedule outside the office!



CallieCallie joined Huitt Mills, Inc. in 1997 when Kevin and Susan rescued her from the Burke County Animal Shelter. 

She was our office dog and faithful friend for many years.  Callie volunteered as a therapy dog at a local assisted living home.  People loved to visit our office to hear Callie howl her perfect "Happy Birthday!". 

Callie passed away in April 2009.